Soulful Sessions

 I believe if you found yourself here that our paths were meant to cross.  Maybe you are looking for something a little more profound within a picture.  Maybe you are looking for more then just a portrait and instead you wish to capture the energy of your child's soul as it is today.  Or maybe you were not looking for anything specific but the thought of your child's soul caught on film sounds intriguing.  However you came to be here, welcome.  I am so glad the stars aligned just so to introduce you to my work, a piece of my soul.

My approach to photography is simply to know you and your children.  To get to know a little piece of your soul's story and to see past any masks we wear or walls we hide behind.  I want to show you the light within your children and your family and how beautiful it is when you allow yourself to be authentic and radiate from within.  

Your soul, your energy, your love and connections. 

I don't want to give you images holding my energy...of me telling you where to sit, how to hold your head and when to smile.  I want to help you find your center and show you the energy of your own spirit and the beauty of your soul.  


Sessions begin at $495 and include a beautiful fine art journal style album custom made just for you. 

 Please contact me for detailed investment information and to discuss your unique session.  To offer the best service and most soulful and unique experience, I book a limited number of sessions each month.  Every child and family is important to me.  I do my best to accommodate all inquiries, however, it is best to book early.