Fate is given to you, however,

you create your own destiny.






I am a dreamer. I am a mom to identical twin girls who stole my heart long before they were born. Wife to an amazing husband whom I adore.  I wear my heart on my sleeve. I love cheesecake. I have a secret addiction to Lucky Charms.  My favorite flowers are wild flowers, Moon flowers, and Cala Lillie's. I heart animals and grew up wanting to be a veterinarian. My favorite color is yellow. I am klutzy and can not dance. However, you can often find me doing just that with my daughters in their room to their latest favorite song. And I love that. I don’t like socks. I love sunsets and the sound of the ocean. I love sunrises near the mountains. I love to look up at the stars.  The moon has a special pull on my soul.  I am from Minnesota but I can not ice skate or ski with out falling. I still like to catch fireflies. I am a deep thinker. I believe…in angels, in all the magic of belly laughs, the wonder they see in tiny bubbles, in dandelion wishes, in the song in their heart…


To dig a little deeper I have always been a very intuitive soul.  I feel everything very deeply and have a connection to things unseen.  When I listen to that part of me I can ride the waves of life more peacefully.  I believe the Universe, God, Buddha, angels, spirit guides, what ever you relate to best...speaks to us in many ways.  And that if we just stay centered and grounded, a little more mindful, we can be open to receiving those messages.  Within this is where my approach to photography was born.


You can most often find me with my family, on the sidelines of my daughters soccer game cheering as loud as I can (even though everyone teases me and says my loudest is still so quiet! lol) or playing with our dogs.  I am mostly known for being a peace wiz if you ask my kids, which could have to do with my love for the moon and Reiki.  ;)  I love serving the world by being mindful and trying my best to walk softly (yet strong) in this world.  And by showing my children the importance of a genuine heart, leading with love and to care for others.  







My work has been awarded in the 2013 and 2014 NAPCP Image Competitions, placed Jurors Selection in an art gallery in Chelsea, NY and featured on Me Rah Koh, Snap Maven, Evoking You and Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy.  Most importantly, I am honored and blessed to be featured in the homes of my clients who place their trust in me.

Sometimes to be seen is the same thing as being saved.

- Mary Rakow



When we arrive earth side we are still connected to the oneness of everything.  We do not see ourselves as being separate.  We instinctively know and feel we are all the ocean.  But as we grow and walk down our own pathway, with out realizing, one day we wake up and feel more like a "rain drop" rather then that ocean.   And soon all these little puddles start to form here and there and even still some drops fall all alone.  Sometimes all it takes is to be truly seen by someone, to wake us up, and remind us how to be strong where we stand and to embrace our own light.


I remember being in an English class and my teacher casually mentioned as he passed my desk that I was going to love our next assignment, that it was made for me.  It caught me off guard and I just smiled but I was curious how he would know.  And sure enough as I began reading our next book, The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, I realized he somehow looked past all my walls and everything I was hiding under and saw a piece of my soul.  It touched me to be seen like that.  So much that its a moment that sticks out and with out realizing it then probably changed the course of my life just slightly.  To this day I have that book and reread it from time to time. 


I believe if you are reading this and it resonates with you that our paths were meant to cross.  Maybe your child is still young and caught up in all the wonder of the world and you want to capture their soul today in all that beauty.  Maybe you need to be told its ok to slow down and be still....and to allow me to  show you a piece of your heart and soul and how it connects with your family, your children.   Maybe you have a "tween" that you see slowly try to break free just a little bit, and you want to give them something special to keep them centered within themselves as they start to navigate their own journey.   Or maybe they have already gotten a little lost and you are not quite sure how to reach them, yet you want to remind them how beautiful they are from the inside out and that who they are is exactly who they should be.  That if they stay true to their own soul...everything will be ok.  


I want to get to know you.  To see past any masks we wear or walls we hide behind.  To see into your world just enough that I can find the little cracks where your soul or your child's soul is begging to break free and shine bright.  I see very differently and have decided to let my own walls down a bit and embrace that part of me in order to show you just how beautiful your soul is.  I would love to chat with you and go over the details of my sessions and just how one might look for your children or your family. 








I reside in Ellicott City, Maryland and currently serve Howard County, Carroll County, Baltimore County and surrounding areas.*

516.660.1011  amanda@dimondaphotography.com

 I do take session from time to time on Long Island, NY and am available for travel in other areas as well.  Please send me a text or email or give me a call I would happy to answer any travel or photography questions. 

*travel fees may apply.